New York City expected “historic” snowstorm on Jan 26,2015. All transportation system was canceled and New York State was declared “State of Emergency.”
However, the snowstorm was not that “historic”. Check out some photographs I took around New York City, Manhattan, Central Park & Queens, Ridgewood.
All images are by Sahadev Poudel.
Stay safe!
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IMG_3763 Snow

Walking on the snow


IMG_3801 Snow

Let’s go to park- it will be fun!


IMG_3810 Snow

Cycling in the snow? Oh yes.


IMG_3831 Snow

Selfie in the storm


IMG_3852 Snow



IMG_3866 Snow

Want to go home and stay warm


IMG_3874 Snow

Now its time to clean up!


IMG_3891 Snow

The brave man.


IMG_3900 Snow

Road cleaning is on the way


IMG_3910 Snow

I clean my side walk


The Messenger



The Journeymen


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