Over 16 MoMo Vendors sold hundreds of MoMos to more than 700 MoMo lovers in Jackson Heights, Queens on 3rd Annual MoMo Crawl event on November 22,2014.The event was hosted by food enthusiast Jeff Orlick (Ambassador.NYC)
All Photographs by Sahadev Poudel

MoMo Crawl 2014_-82MoMo Crawl 2014_-56MoMo Crawl 2014_-13MoMo Crawl 2014_-133MoMo Crawl 2014_-128MoMo Crawl 2014_-111MoMo Crawl 2014_-96MoMo Crawl 2014_-92MoMo Crawl 2014_-91MoMo Crawl 2014_-87MoMo Crawl 2014_-79MoMo Crawl 2014_-72MoMo Crawl 2014_-73MoMo Crawl 2014_-68MoMo Crawl 2014_-75MoMo Crawl 2014_-58MoMo Crawl 2014_-61MoMo Crawl 2014_-27MoMo Crawl 2014_-38MoMo Crawl 2014_-33MoMo Crawl 2014_-32MoMo Crawl 2014_-26MoMo Crawl 2014_-22MoMo Crawl 2014_-15MoMo Crawl 2014_-3

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