I am from mountainous country Nepal, where everyone’s life is surrounded by hills, forest, lake or river. But here in New York City our life is surrounded by skyscrapers unless if we don’t take hike to upstate New York to see the natural beauties.

The trip was organized by Nepalese Young Professionals in New York (NYPNY)
All photos by Sahadev Poudel

IMG_8438Katterskill Falls

Katterskill Falls

So last week I went to hike with a group of young friends to Katterskill Falls in Catskill Mountain.

IMG_8448Katterskill Falls

Katterskill Falls

IMG_8459Katterskill Falls

A Wild Forest

IMG_8499Katterskill Falls

Katterskill Falls

Catskill Mountain is one of the adventurous places where we can reach easily (About 130 Miles/2hrs drive) from New York City and come back same day with lots of memory.

IMG_8523Katterskill Falls

Yes You can swim if you dare!

IMG_8549Katterskill Falls

Blue sky view from under the Katterskill Falls

IMG_8621Katterskill Falls

Every drop matters if its from Katterskill Falls

IMG_8673Katterskill Falls

A view from the Hills

And of course Katterskill Falls reminded me my home town Hetauda’s hills, forest, and falls and gave me a joyous feeling.

IMG_8720Katterskill Falls

Let it fall!

IMG_8806Katterskill Falls

Lake in Katterskill

And last but not least here is a time lapse video of Katterskill Falls

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