CAN WE STOP THIS: Queens’ Jackson Heights is a home away from home for many South Asian immigrants and Diversity Plaza is the best place to have reminisced conversation. However, the beauty of the Diversity Plaza has been ruined by the dirty red color (spit) of pann (betel leaf).

Diversity Plaza is an ideal space for many cultural events but it seems like nobody paying attention of its dirtiness. I feel like dirtiness is a part of South Asian culture.


CAN WE STOP spit pann everywhere in Jackson Heights? Not only spitting pann but some people also smoke freely on the plaza without any hesitation. Don’t they know that New York City has banned smoking in public space?

Jackson Heights is like a kingdom of many South Asian immigrants and it’s our responsibility to make it clean and healthy.

20140610-220242-79362602.jpg(Two years ago New York Times published article about this issue. On Jackson Heights Sidewalks, a Treat’s Messy Aftermath

Photos & Words by Sahadev Poudel

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