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Tweet Many candidates from upcoming election of Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) were gathered for The Final Debate-hosted by Sampreshan TV pr...

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Faces of NRNs


Tweet We had a great #InstaMeetQueens event on the occasion of 11th Worldwide InstaMeet (#WWIM11). I was able to meet many people around Jackson Heigh...

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#InstaMeetQueens (Photos)


Tweet 11th World Wide InstaMeet 2015 Let’s #InstaMeet in Jackson Heights, Queens I will be also hosting World Wide InstaMeet #WWIM11 on March 21, 20...

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11th World Wide InstaMeet 2015


Tweet I am blending two photographs to create something new- a fusion photography.  snow+Sunset  A man in the snow + the Statue ...

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Fusion Photograpy 


Tweet Framing new World Trade Center in many angles. My collection of WTC on Instagram. All photographs by Sahadev Poudel Just another beautiful day! ...

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One WTC: Many Faces


Tweet #ICantBreathe Some photographs of protestors who are raising voice against Eric Garner’s death. All photographs by Sahadev Poudel Tweet...

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Tweet Over 16 MoMo Vendors sold hundreds of MoMos to more than 700 MoMo lovers in Jackson Heights, Queens on 3rd Annual MoMo Crawl event on November 2...

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3rd Annual MoMo Crawl (Photos)

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